Have A Website Name?

This is all you need to do for us to connect it for you.

How To Connect Your Website Name

If you do not have a website name yet, click the orange box above to get one for cheap.

1. Only after you get your domain name, you will need to do these next steps below.

This step tells Name Cheap to point your new Domain (.com name) to your new website.

2. Once you purchase your domain name, on the left side panel make sure you’re on the ‘dashboard section’ and you’re going to click ‘Manage’.

3. You should be on the ‘domain section’ then go to name servers and change it to custom DNS.

4. The 1st line you’re going to type is: ns1.siteground.net

The 2nd line you’re going to type is: ns2.siteground.net

Changing this allows your new website name to be placed on your new website.

Important Notes: If you already have a domain name, just make sure you go to your domain provider and follow the 2nd picture instructions and follow Step 3 again.

And That’s It! 🥳

Once you purchase, you’ll send us the details, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you purchased a business email, it will be connected to your website for you with no extra work on your part and you will be sent login access to your inbox once set-up.

We take care of the hard stuff so you can focus on getting sales.


And that is your only step.

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