**Disclosure of Terms and Conditions**

This document outlines the terms and conditions (“Terms”) governing the use of services provided by Swap Funnels for sales funnel creation and optimization. Kindly review these Terms carefully before utilizing our services. Your use of our services implies your agreement to abide by these Terms.

**1. Service Description**

– **Sales Funnel Creation:**

Swap Funnels offers services for the creation and enhancement of sales funnels, providing a seamless and effective way to market products or services online.

– **Optimization:**

We provide ongoing optimization services to ensure your sales funnels remain effective and aligned with your business goals.

**2. Payment and Fees**

– **Funnel Creation:**

Payment is required for the sales funnel creation service, with fees discussed and agreed upon before commencement. Payment must be made as specified upon agreement.

– **Optimization:**

Fees for ongoing optimization services are billed at regular intervals. Details regarding optimization fees will be provided, and payment is expected by the specified due date.

**3. Refund and Cancellation Policy**

– **Funnel Creation:** Refunds for sales funnel creation services will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact our customer support at support@swapfunnels.com for concerns or issues related to your sales funnel creation service.

– **Optimization:**

Cancellation of the optimization service can be done at any time with written notice. No refunds will be issued for optimization fees already paid for the current billing period.


Should you opt for a free trial of Swap Funnels, it will begin immediately after registration and continue for the specified trial period. Free trials are available to new subscribers for the duration mentioned on the website. Previous subscribers or those who have already benefited from a free trial do not qualify for additional free trial periods.

Swap Funnels will send an email reminder at least 7 days before the trial ends. To discontinue the subscription after the trial, contact us at least 24 hours before the trial period ends by submitting a cancellation request to support@swapfunnels.com. If no cancellation is made, the subscription will automatically continue, and the provided payment method will be charged the full monthly membership subscription rate until canceled. Swap Funnels reserves the right to adjust the subscription rate, notifying users via email.

To cancel a subscription after a free trial or discounted period, submit a cancellation request to support@swapfunnels.com or through your Account Dashboard, with a minimum of ten (10) days’ notice for monthly subscriptions. For annual subscriptions, provide at least ten (10) days’ notice for cancellation by email.


Users are responsible for paying all sums due to Swap Funnels for their monthly subscription in line with these Terms. The first fee is due upon account setup, and monthly payments are required for ongoing access. Users are billed up to the subscription fee plus applicable tax every calendar month. If payment is unsuccessful, Swap Funnels may, at its discretion, charge a lesser amount to “pause” the account while attempting to update payment information.

If you are a Swap Funnels user with a monthly or annual subscription and have provided valid payment details, each payment will be automatically processed at the designated payment date. Users wishing to cancel their subscription must do so through their Account Dashboard or by emailing support@swapfunnels.com at least ten (10) days before the first day of the next subscription month.

Swap Funnels reserves the right to terminate a user’s account and/or service for any unpaid period of the subscription, with or without notice. Termination does not relieve the user of payment obligations. Unpaid fees may result in collection processes, and the user is liable for associated costs.

**4. Initialing and Acceptance**

By using our services, you acknowledge having read and agreed to these Terms. Initial each page of the agreement to indicate your understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions herein.

**5. Contact Information**

For questions or concerns about these Terms or our services, contact us at support@swapfunnels.com.

By using our services, you acknowledge and accept the Terms outlined in this disclosure.