Attention: Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Online Marketers and Coaches…

“SwapFunnels Helps You Avoid Building A Complicated Funnel”

This easy way gets high-converting sales funnels without you building anything…

“I tried to build funnels before but I can’t deal with the formatting for desktop & mobile and the dragging and the dropping… All I want is to swap and go. Thanks to you growing my business is all im focused on!”

– Daren James E-com Entrepreneur

“I attempted & quickly gave up with creating sales funnels for my business. It was so confusing, and I wasted a lot of time trying to figure it out. Once I found this, everything changed! It’s like a breath of fresh air – no more stress, just results!”

– Sarah M., Boutique Owner

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“As someone who struggled with the technical side of building funnels, this tool is heaven sent! Now, I can easily create beautiful sales funnels by just swapping images and text. It’s so easy that even my 10-year-old niece could use it. 😅 SwapFunnels has saved me time, money, and crazy tech headaches. My sales couldnt have been faster since I started using it. If you’re serious about growing your business, don’t think twice – you need to start swapping!”

– Sarah M., Boutique Owner


Imagine all the awesome things you could do with that many new people if you could only get your message out FASTER!

**Attention: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Coaches**

Have you ever felt like you’re wandering through a confusing maze, desperately looking for the right way to create sales funnels that actually work?

You’re not alone.

The struggle is real, and the fear of dealing with complicated things can be overwhelming.

I’ve been there too, facing tools that seem more like problems than solutions. The frustration and uncertainty can make anyone want to give up.

But guess what?

There’s something amazing I want to tell you about. It’s called SwapFunnels, and it’s like a magic tool that can make everything easier.

You know that feeling when you’re playing a game and you can’t find the right way to win?

That’s how it can be with sales funnels…like a big maze, and sometimes it seems impossible to find the right path.

But with SwapFunnels, it’s like having a map that guides you to success. You won’t have to worry about getting lost in the maze anymore.

Imagine if you could have a helper that shows you step by step how to make your business better.

SwapFunnels is like that helpful friend who makes things simple and fun. No more confusion or stress – just easy steps to success.

You’re not alone in feeling like this. Lots of people, just like us, want to have a business that grows and does well. SwapFunnels is here to help us all make that happen.

Keep reading, because I’m going to share more about how SwapFunnels can change your business for the better.

You’re going to love how simple and exciting it can be to make your business amazing!

There’s a new Way to do it

“This makes it simple to simply swap out without dealing with the technical stuff…”

Imagine a world where creating sales funnels is no longer a maze of confusion and frustration. That world exists, and it’s called SwapFunnels.

It’s like having a helpful friend that guides you through every step of making amazing sales funnels – no tech wizardry needed.

SwapFunnels was made for business owners like us who want to grow without all the stress.

Think about it.

Building sales funnels can feel like solving a puzzle with missing pieces.

It’s time-consuming and overwhelming. But SwapFunnels changes that. It’s simple, like building with blocks.

You don’t need to be a pro to make it work. With SwapFunnels, you’ll stop feeling lost and start feeling confident.

Remember those missed chances?

Customers who almost bought from you but didn’t?

SwapFunnels fixes that. Now you can craft funnels that your customers love.

No more one-size-fits-all – just perfect fit.

And don’t worry about tech stuff. SwapFunnels has ready-made designs that you can customize to match your style.

No need to be a design expert.

Now, here’s the secret sauce: SwapFunnels is on WordPress!

It’s like having a magic compass to steer you to success. But here’s the catch – this opportunity won’t wait forever.

Join SwapFunnels now and stop letting fear hold you back.


Used ‘SwapFunnels’ To Build Their Funnels

“How NOT Building Funnels Transformed My Life”

“SwapFunnels has truly been a game-changer for my business. As someone who tried building a sales funnel, I literally QUIT at choosing the font…it was that bad. Using this is waaay easier and really is as simple as swapping in and out. This saved me time, effort, and stress. Since then I got more leads, more conversions, and a smoother customer journey using the upsells. I can’t thank Trevor enough for being un-selfish and helping others like me.”

-Kayla Turner

Beauty Entrepreneur

“Funnel was complete in 24 hours, what does that tell you?”

“I was hesitant to dive into the world of sales funnels, hearing I had to optimize for desktop and mobile meant Learning Curve. But boy…this had me the 1st 30 seconds into the video! Pre-built funnels …the whole thing DONE! The best part? The leads! OMG my leads have increased, and my audience engagement has shot up. Bro, thank you, and this is in WordPress! This have become my secret weapon for business growth.”

-Mark Davis

Digital Marketer

It’s like doing a tough puzzle blindfolded

– super frustrating.

Imagine you’re at your desk, looking at your screen, trying to solve the puzzle of a sales funnel. You’ve read stuff, watched videos, and joined webinars, but it’s still confusing.  – super frustrating.

Lots of business owners feel this way about making sales funnels. It’s not just the techie stuff; it’s worrying about missing customers, wasting time, and feeling behind others.

Too complicated. They’re for experts, not regular business owners like us. You want something simple, not hard tech stuff.

Here’s the thing – every moment you struggle with funnels is a moment you’re not growing your business and reaching customers. It’s those missed chances that bug you – the sales you lose because your funnels aren’t great.

But wait, there’s more. The fear of not keeping up with tech is tough. As things change, you worry about falling behind. Using strategies that might not work soon is frustrating.

You’re stuck feeling frustrated, confused, and like you’re missing out. It’s not because you’re not tryingit’s because making good funnels is hard.

Why is it not working for my business?

Instead of making new ideas and talking to customers, you’re stuck trying to build a sales funnel…

Have you ever thought about all the customers who might have wanted to buy from you but didn’t because your sales process wasn’t quite right? It’s sad to think about how many sales you could have made if things were easier.

But here’s the good news: there’s a way to make things better. SwapFunnels is here to help you. You can stop feeling confused and worried. It’s time to change the missed sales into sales that work – without all the hard stuff.

So, when you think about all the troubles and missed chances, remember that there’s a way to fix it. SwapFunnels can help you have better sales without the worry and frustration.

Imagine spending so much time trying to make a sales funnel, only to see it not working well.

People come to your store, but they leave without buying anything. It’s like all your hard work is wasted.

You’ve worked hard to get people to come to your store, but they’re not buying. It’s like having a store with the door open, but people walk by without even looking inside.

It’s frustrating when you see other stores doing well and growing. You start to wonder, “Why is it not working for me? Why can’t my sales process be better?”

It’s not just the lost sales that hurt – it’s also the time you could have spent on other things.

Instead of making new ideas and talking to customers, you’re stuck trying to fix your sales process.

And the more you struggle, the more you might start doubting yourself. You might think you’re not good enough or your stuff isn’t good enough. It’s hard when you doubt yourself.

But guess what? It’s not just you. Lots of business owners feel this way. The tools we have don’t always help, and it can feel like we’re lost.

But here’s the good news: there’s a way to make things better. SwapFunnels is here to help you. You can stop feeling confused and worried. It’s time to change the missed sales into sales that work – without all the hard stuff.

So, when you think about all the troubles and missed chances, remember that there’s a way to fix it. SwapFunnels can help you have better sales without the worry and frustration.

this transforms your funnel-building

“This makes it simple to simply swap out without dealing with all the technical complications…”

Now you have a magical software called SwapFunnels that makes creating sales funnels super easy. No need to be a genius – it guides you step by step.

“Imagine yourself placing your image where it says the word “image“. It’s easier than pressing a button from Staples…”

It’s like a friendly helper showing you how to make a perfect sales funnel.

But Swap Funnels is even cooler. It helps you know your customers, what they want, and how to talk to them. It gives you pretty templates you can customize with your style. No more spending forever making things look good!

And guess what?

Swap Funnels has a secret weapon: WordPress!

In which you can use all of your favorite plug-ins, such as analytics which tells you how your funnel is doing, what’s working, and what needs fixing. Choosing SwapFunnels means getting a game-changer. It’s your chance to shine without stress, confusion, or sleepless nights. You’ll have amazing funnels that bring real results.

Say goodbye to wondering if your funnel works. Say hello to feeling confident and in control. With Swap Funnels, you can build, fix, and win – all without the hard stuff.

✅ Pre-built for exactly what you need to adapt to mobile and tablet devices every time

✅ Makes it step-by-step simple for you to achieve sustained business growth

✅ Makes it a breeze to live on passive income no matter what your previous experience

✅ The absolute best way to seeing a noticeable increase in your website traffic and engagement every passionate entrepreneur needs

✅ Understand exactly how to stand out and show how your brand is unique and special now… not later!

✅ Easily turn people who visit your website into customers becomes a reality, even if you’re starting from scratch

✅ Stop worrying about learning complicated coding or design stuff and get results easier

✅ The secret to effectively engage and convert online visitors every time thru a funnel

and at this point you might be asking…

Who Is Trevor McCollum

And Why Should I Listen To Him?

As a fellow entrepreneur and web designer. I know the struggle of getting lost in the funnel confusion. So, I rolled up my sleeves and created SwapFunnels – a solution I wished I had when I was where you are now. Trust me, I’ve walked this path and want to make it easier for you. With SwapFunnels, we can conquer funnel challenges together.

Trevor McCollum

I promise you this – SwapFunnels is THE revolutionary shortcut to success that will transform the way you build and grow your business.

So, What’s Your Next Move?

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You’re NOT the only one reading this right now. Other smart business owners are considering the very same solution. The solution that’s going to transform how they approach sales funnels, just like it’s going to transform yours.

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Think about it – your rivals might zoom ahead, using SwapFunnel to boost their sales.

Imagine regretting not jumping in sooner. It’s about leading the way and grabbing the chances that come your way.

So, What’s Your Next Move?

No more waiting – time to act now! Don’t let this chance slip. Don’t let your dreams fade.

You wanted an easier way built for desktop & mobile…well here it is!

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Join other smart folks who are making things happen, not just waiting.

Remember, you’re in charge of your success.

Choose to conquer fears, embrace change, and step into success.

The journey to easy, awesome sales funnels starts now.

You’re Covered By My 30-Day, 100%


I know ‘SwapFunnels’ is the way.

And if you read this entire page up until now, including the numerous testimonials of real business owners who have applied ‘Swap Funnels with incredible results… then you know this is the real-deal.

HOWEVER! If you are still not satisfied y0u have a 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

If The “Swap Funnels” doesn’t show you exactly how to enhance my website’s user experience… if it doesn’t pave the way for you to achieve sustained business growth long term… and if it fails to help you easily turn people visiting my website into fans who love what i offer and customers who buy from me without worrying about learning complicated coding or design stuff… then I don’t want your money.

We’ll give it all back – no questions asked – no hard feelings!

So, don’t let fear hold you back any longer. Embrace the new opportunity with SwapFunnels and start building sales funnels that drive real results. Click the link below to learn more and take the first step towards a smoother, more successful business journey.

To your success,
Trevor McCollum


But that’s not all. When you sign up for SwapFunnels today, you’re not just getting a tool –

you’re joining a supportive community of fellow business owners who understand the challenges you face.

Our exclusive resources, webinars, and forums are here to guide you every step of the way. Imagine having experts and peers by your side, ready to answer questions and share insights to ensure your success.


Oh, and here’s a little secret – we’re offering a limited-time bonus for early adopters like you.

When you become a SwapFunnel member today, you’ll also receive our “Sales Funnel Success Playbook,” packed with tips, templates, and real-life case studies to help you supercharge your funnel-building journey.

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Take that first step towards stress-free funnel creation and the growth you’ve been dreaming of.


Feeling stuck with building sales funnels?

You’re not alone – I’ve been there too. But guess what? SwapFunnels is here to help.

Imagine a world where making sales online is easier than ever.

SwapFunnels is like a magical tool that guides you step by step. No more confusion or frustration.

I’ve been in your shoes, struggling with confusing tools. That’s why I created SwapFunnels – to make funnel building simple for folks like us.

So, if your a business owner then SwapFunnels is THE shortcut to success. I’ve got your back, and with SwapFunnels, we can conquer funnel challenges together.

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