Is The Learning Curve Stopping Your Ability To Sell Products?

Ready-Made SwapFunnels Sales Funnel Templates

Turning complete strangers into loyal paying customers… easier.

No Contracts – Cancel Anytime

No Contracts – Cancel Anytime

“What if you had a ready-made sales funnel template to GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITHIN MINUTES…

Think about all the cool stuff you could do if you didn’t have to spend time building sales funnels.

More sales Today feels better than waiting tomorrow…doesn’t it?

swapfunnels sales funnel templates

No Contracts – Cancel Anytime

Imagine spending so much time trying to build a sales funnel, only to see it’s not working.

Versatile Thank You Pages
✓ Craft personalized and effective thank you pages using SwapFunnels, ensuring a positive post-purchase experience for customers and encouraging repeat business.

Effortless Lead Magnet Integration

✓ SwapFunnels simplifies the process of capturing leads with lead magnets, providing a seamless integration to grow your email list and nurture relationships with potential customers.

No Contracts – Cancel Anytime

Mobile-Optimized Efficiency

✓ SwapFunnels sales funnel templates is specifically designed for mobile devices, ensuring that your sales funnels are seamlessly accessible and visually appealing on smartphones and tablets.

Rapid Lead and Sales Capture

✓ Experience swift lead generation and sales capture with SwapFunnels, featuring completed sales funnel template that can be set up in less than one hour to kickstart your online marketing journey.

Express Funnel Completion

✓ Build your entire sales funnel in less than one day using SwapFunnels, a time-efficient solution for entrepreneurs and marketers aiming for a quick and effective online presence.

Total Customization Control

✓ Enjoy complete customization freedom with SwapFunnels, a WordPress-based platform where you can effortlessly drag and drop elements or choose from pre-designed templates to tailor your funnel to perfection.

Streamlined Swapping Feature

✓ Leverage the unique swapping feature of SwapFunnels, allowing you to easily swap, modify, or experiment with different elements in your funnel without the need for intricate technical skills.

Dynamic Split Testing

✓ Fine-tune your funnel’s performance with SwapFunnels’ split testing capabilities, enabling you to optimize your strategies and achieve the best possible conversion rates.

sales funnel templates makes it simple to simply swap out without dealing with any technical stuff…”

ecom sales funnel template for ecommerce business

Small business owners can sell & up-sell more products and services easily.

Swap Funnels provides a user-friendly sales funnel template allowing small business owners to easily create and customize sales funnels without the need for advanced technical skills.

This simplicity ensures a quick and efficient funnel-building process allowing your funnel to be complete in hours and not days.

No Contracts – Cancel Anytime

Brick-and-mortar can establish an online presence for promotions, discounts, or special offers.

Brick-and-mortar businesses can create enticing lead capture sales funnel template, enticing potential customers to provide their contact information in exchange for valuable offers or information.

This can attract online customers and encourage them to visit the physical store or make purchases through other channels.

No Contracts – Cancel Anytime

Coaches can strengthen their personal brand and implement lead generation tactics.

The quick and easy customization process allows you to focus more on your coaching services and less on the technical aspects of lead generation.

Every sales funnel template is optimized for mobile, capturing leads and engaging potential clients who use smartphones or tablets.

No Contracts – Cancel Anytime

Entrepreneurs can create effective sales funnels instantly without technical skills.

By providing pre-built, mobile-optimized sales funnel templates, Swap Funnels simplifies the process of creating effective lead generation funnels.

Entrepreneurs can quickly customize these templates, saving time and effort in the funnel-building phase.

No Contracts – Cancel Anytime

Sales funnel template for real estate agents

Real Estate Agents can book more open houses bringing in leads 24/7 on autopilot.

Looking to enhance your real estate business?

Discover the untapped potential of sales funnel templates for real estate agents and achieve unparalleled success in the real estate industry today!

Imagine a surge in clients, a full pipeline, and qualified leads that will break your current barriers to take your business to heights you’ve never experienced before!

No Contracts – Cancel Anytime

Need copy for your funnel?

From rewriting headings, paragraphs, calls to action, buttons, enhancing readability and translating languages to correcting spelling, grammar mistakes, and improving tone, SwapFunnels A.I has you covered.

Simply tell A.I about the image you want

and it will generate it in seconds.

SwapFunnels A.I can create anything you envision. Unsure what to tell AI to write about? It can assist with that as well! Clicking the AI button within the writing prompt enables A.I to generate content independently.

No Contracts – Cancel Anytime


Used ‘SwapFunnels’ To Build Their Funnels

“I attempted & quickly gave up with creating entire websites for my business. It was so confusing, and I wasted a lot of time trying to figure it out. Once I found an affiliate sales funnel template, everything changed! It’s like a breath of fresh air – no more stress, just results!”

– Debbie J, Mom Affiliate

“How NOT Building Funnels Transformed My Life”

-Brian Turner

Fitness Trainer

“SwapFunnels has truly been a game-changer for my business. As someone who tried building a sales funnel, I literally QUIT at choosing the font…it was that bad. Using this is waaay easier and really is as simple as swapping in and out. This saved me time, effort, and stress. Since then I got more leads, more conversions, and a smoother customer journey using the upsells. I can’t thank this enough for helping others like me.”

“My entire funnel was complete in 24 hours, what does that tell you?”

“I was hesitant to dive into the world of sales funnels, hearing I had to optimize for desktop and mobile meant Learning Curve. But boy…this had me the 1st 30 seconds into the video! Pre-built funnels …the whole thing DONE! The best part? The leads! OMG my leads have increased, and my audience engagement has shot up. Bro, thank you, and this is in WordPress! This have become my secret weapon for business growth.”

-Mark Davis

Digital Marketer

“As someone who struggled with the technical side of building funnels, this tool is heaven sent! Now, I can easily create beautiful sales funnels by just swapping images and text inside of the sales funnel template. It’s so easy that even my 10-year-old niece could use it. 😅 SwapFunnels has saved me time, money, and crazy tech headaches. My sales couldnt have been faster since I started using it. If you’re serious about growing your business, don’t think twice – you need to start swapping!”

– Sarah M., Boutique Owner

SwapFunnels Built For EVERY Business. Even Ecom Funnels.


No Contracts – Cancel Anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get my own website name?

Not at all. We build your website with a generic domain name something like: Of course whenever you’re ready to connect a domain name in the future, just let us know what domain name you have, and we’ll connect it for you.

If you don’t already have one, you can click here to get one for cheap.

Are these funnels pre-built for desktop & mobile?

Yes! You no longer have to worry about optimization for mobile because each sales funnel template has already been pre-built to work perfectly on mobile phones.

Is each funnel page pre-built in order?

Yes! All you have to do is take that funnel set and swap out. So for example, if you want to capture leads, you have the landing page and the thank you page in order already pre-built for you, plus it tells you exactly where to put your curiosity text, bullet points, headlines and sub-headlines for maximum conversion.

Can I use this for affiliate marketing?

Yes! SwapFunnels is designed to be super affiliate-friendly, making it a breeze for you to create effective and personalized sales funnels for your affiliate marketing journey. Whether you’re promoting products, services, or anything in between, SwapFunnels has got your back, helping you optimize your affiliate game without any hassle.

Can I use these for dropshipping?

Yes! Whether you’re showcasing products, implementing upsells, or streamlining the order fulfillment process, SwapFunnels is designed to enhance the dropshipping experience, making it a valuable tool for entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space.

Can I still drag & drop if I wanted to?

Of course you can. Even though the funnels are already pre-built, you can always go ahead and drag and drop and completely customize the page anyway, you want to.

I have a domain on another website, can I use it?

Yes you can only if you have completely disconnected it from your other website and have changed the settings over for SwapFunnels. The server may take around 24 to 48 hours for it to update in seeing that it’s no longer connected to your previous website. Of course if you already have a domain that you’re not using, that’s not connected to anything then it’ll be even faster for you to get your website done.

Clicking here will show you the only one step you need to do.

What makes you different than other funnel builders?

SwapFunnels stands out from other funnel builders in a few key ways. First off, it’s super user-friendly with a drag-and-swap interface that tell’s you exactly where your headlines, bullet points and details should be for maximum conversions so you don’t have to think about it, making it easy for anyone to create effective sales funnels without being a tech expert. Instead of having your funnel built in in a few days, you can have your whole funnel set up in just a few hours using sales funnel templates! Plus, it’s built on WordPress, which is familiar to many users. What’s really cool is AI is built in specifically for your sales or marketing funnel. All you need to do is type the subject of what you offer and AI will create the rest seamlessly. It’s like having a personalized assistant and flexible funnel builder all in one. So, SwapFunnels is not just another builder; it’s your shortcut to hassle-free, customized, and speedy funnel creation.

After I pay, what happens next?

After payment is received we go ahead and connect your domain to your website. We then make sure all of your funnels are in place and ready to swap, then we send you your username and password to your email so you can log into your new website and start swapping.

Do I need any coding skills or go on a learning curve?

Nope, you don’t need any coding skills or have to go on a big learning adventure with SwapFunnels. It’s super user-friendly, like using your favorite apps. Just drag and swap things where you want, and boom, you’re in control of your own marketing. Easy peasy!

No Contracts – Cancel Anytime

SwapFunnels is your affordable solution for pre-built sales funnel templates creating high-converting sales funnels without the hassle of building anything on WordPress.





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